Corpora and Language Statistics

Corpus and language statistics for corpora of the Leipzig Corpora Collection

The Leipzig Corpora Collection provides corpora in different languages using the same format and comparable sources. For a more detailled view on or description of the data this page contains a variety of statistic pages for all provided corpora. Every statistic page deals with a specific topic of interest. Statistics dealing with similar or related topics are grouped.

If you are interested in more detailed information about this portal and its purpose, please refer to this paper which you may cite as

T. Eckart & U. Quasthoff: Statistical Corpus and Language Comparison on Comparable Corpora.
In: Building and Using Comparable Corpora, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2013, ISBN: 978-3-642-20128-8

Year Country Statistics
2011 All
Year Country Statistics
2002 10K 30K 100K 300K All
Year Country Statistics
2011 10K 30K 100K 300K 1M All
2012 All
2013 All
2019 10K 30K 100K 300K All
Year Country Statistics
2005 10K 30K 100K 300K 1M All
2010 10K 30K 100K 300K 1M All
2011 All
2013 Iceland All
2015 Iceland 10K 30K 100K 300K 1M All
2017 Iceland 10K 30K 100K 300K 1M All
2018 Iceland All
2019 Iceland All
Year Country Statistics
2010 10K 30K 100K All
2012 10K 30K 100K All
2014 All
2016 10K 30K 100K All
2018 10K 30K 100K All